[CLOSED] Problem with store reload

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    [CLOSED] Problem with store reload


    public ActionResult reloadgrid()
                object[] o = GetData().Cast<object>().ToArray();
                return this.Store(o);

    Button Code in View

                                                .Listeners(l => l.Click.Handler = "return validation();")
                                                .DirectEvents(de =>
                                                    de.Click.FormID = "f";
                                                    de.Click.Action = "save";
                                                    de.Click.EventMask.ShowMask = true;
                                                    de.Click.EventMask.Msg = "Saving...";
                                                    de.Click.EventMask.MinDelay = 100;
                                                    de.Click.After = "App.GridPanel1.getStore().reload();";
    Code in gridpanel in view

                    .Url(Url.Action("reloadgrid", "DefindTask"))
    The problem is,data in grid not refresh every time ,for example,I click on save 3 times grid data refresh on 4th time not refresh but when i click for 5th time its working again.that means on 4th click grid not showing 4 rows its shows 3rows but on 5 4th click its shows 5 rows including the 4th row.

    And its happen frequently.but not any sequence ,Its happen sometime after 1click sometime on 5th click or 10th click.Is there any problem in my code?
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    Hi @matrixwebtech,

    Please replace
    With that change it should work well.

    An After handler is executed after client-side part of a DirectEvent. Just after making a request to server, but the request hits server.

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