Invoking Delegates And Events between Pages

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    Invoking Delegates And Events between Pages

    First off Coolites been a god send. I am happy that i am now onto tougher problems.

    So here is a curve ball. Page A launches other pages within Tabs (see Add Tabs example). Now all the pages it invokes are Coolite pages and have their own ScriptManager. At some point, the actions on page B which lives in a Tab wants to tell Page A which launched page B to add another Tabbed page C with some parameters.

    I've tried using Statics. Making the TabPanel in A a static I have tried calling it directly from page B but i believe that each tab is like a Iframe. Therefore no dice.

    So i thought maybe I could use some events? The event runs and works internal to C#. I can get all the C# runtime information from Page A but when i try and do something that uses PageA.scriptManager.addScript("alert('boo');") it works if invoked from Page A but not if invoked from Page B.

    So i am interested in creating a proxy between two or more pages. More likely, a proxy between a top page A and all the tabs it spawns off.

    Any ideas?
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    RE: Invoking Delegates And Events between Pages

    Ok more investigation. I realize that my methods of using Events and Delegates could never work as there is no open communication between the pages.

    So I am changing my view on this. First I am going to look at registering a Tab with a window manager.

    Secondly, the window.opener within the tab-page is not set?
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    RE: Invoking Delegates And Events between Pages

    I suggest doing all the communications between the tabs on the clientside. PageA can find the iframe in each tab and invoke client side methods on them. Vice versa, the iframe can invoke a clientside method on PageA. Those clientside methods can then do an AjaxEvent to run some serverside logic.

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