[CLOSED] EXT.NET MVC Razor view Code Formatting tool

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    [CLOSED] EXT.NET MVC Razor view Code Formatting tool

    Is there any tool or any technique,with that I can format Razor view Code ?or I have do this by own?after design a large view its very difficult for me to manage.Finding closing tag is very difficult.

    Is there any thing which can format the code like Visual Studio "Format Document" option which can format aspx code easily,but no so fruitful for Razor.
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    Hi @matrixwebtech,

    I don't know anything for Razor except Format Document.

    Personally, in most case it is good enough for me. Though, sometimes I have to format manually.
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    Format Document Doesn't work

    Format Document Doesn't work, it even breaks the code when you press (Ctrl + K, Ctrl + D)

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