[CLOSED] [#502] Ext.net 2.5 rtl

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    [CLOSED] [#502] Ext.net 2.5 rtl


    while upgrading from ext 2.4 to ext.net 2.5.2 , RTL stopped working, it's only show a blank page with JavaScript error.

    Thank you.
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    Hi @snow_cap,

    This example appears to be working.

    Please provide your test case.
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    please find a sample solution under the following link:

    EDIT: Link removed. Please post all code samples as text directly in your forum post. Do not include .dll's.

    Note: Hosted under IIS: classic application pool using framework 4.0

    Thank you.
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    Please simplify you code sample down to the minimum required to reproduce the problem, then post as text directly within a forum post in between [CODE] tags. Remove all code from your sample that is not directly related to the problem.

    Please review the forum guidelines for posting code samples in the forums:


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    After further investigation, the problem appear only in Internet Explorer (i use IE 10), if we revert back to Ext 2.4, it will work.
    please find attached the JavaScript error.
    Thank you.
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    I've reproduced the problem in IE10 with this example.

    We will investigate.

    Created an Issue:
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    There is a problem in the RTL release script (ext-all-rtl.js). We have committed the fix to the trunk, revision #5862.

    So, please update or use ScriptMode="Debug" for ResourceManager or scriptMode="Debug" in Web.config.

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