GridPanel Row double click event

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    GridPanel Row double click event


    I am new to Ext.Net. I am using GridPanel, in which i want to show popup on double click of row in Gridpanel.
    I want a server side event to be fired on double click of row in gridpanel.
    I have downloaded the latest version of dll from the website.

    Thanks in advance
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    Hi @rashidsiddique,

    Welcome to the Ext.NET forums!

    Please use a GridPanel's ItemDblClick DirectEvent.

    If you need an example of DirectEvent, please follow:
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    Thanks Daniil for such a quick reply.
    I am getting the double click event.
    One more thing i want to ask is, i am passing parameters to the direct event like this
    <ItemDblClick OnEvent="GridPanel1_RowSelect">
                         <ext:Parameter Name="ContinentName" Value="" Mode="Raw" Encode="true" />
                          <ext:Parameter Name="Description" Value="" Mode="Raw" Encode="true" />
    but i am getting data like this
    Is there anyway to get individual data for continent name and description.
    I have written this line to fetch data
    string a = e.ExtraParams["Description"];
    Thanks in advance
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    Here you are:
    <ext:Parameter Name="ContinentName" Value="" Mode="Raw" />
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    Hi Daniil,

    Thanks once again for the answer.
    One issue is there, at the server side level, my any code is not working.
    For e.g. [B]Response.Redirect("~/Default.aspx?Value=" + a);

    Even, when i tried to show a message box using this line of code
    X.Msg.Alert("message", b);, it is not working.

    Thanks in advance.
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    You should use
    X.Msg.Alert("message", b).Show(();
    As for a Redirect call, please provide a test case to reproduce.

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