Hello again!

I have a problem, this same structure (http://forums.ext.net/showthread.php...181#post163181) I have a grid in the center pane, the contents of the left is a dynamic treeview I charge according to the content database. this tree view use as a filter for the grid. the problem is: the fact of being dynamic treeview I used the method after rendering the main panel (which contains all yet) with delay 1 to adjust the height of the viewport. But as check or uncheck an item in the treeview have to filter refresh the grid, as do the changes in parameters "where" query. At the time this is done, it ignores the layouts "fit" of the grid and treeview dynamic adjustment of the height and compresses the content only, the viewport continues at the same time for even the scroll bars are displayed. but the content is in a much shorter time, thus cutting off the contents of the treeview and compressing the grid.

Any idea to help me?