Real-world use of Coolite

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    Real-world use of Coolite

    I work for BMT Group and we have started applying the Coolite controls to one of the software products we're developing.

    I'm interested in finding out names of other companies that use Coolite / ExtJS within their applications, and any comments they may have!

    Many thanks,

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    RE: Real-world use of Coolite

    There are numerous entries in the ExtJS blog discussing real world use cases of the ExtJS framework.
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    RE: Real-world use of Coolite

    Thanks for the links! Some nice examples of how ExtJS/Coolite can be used.
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    RE: Real-world use of Coolite

    Found this link on the Ext JS web site - shows really good use of Ext JS for drawing diagrams and lines, with undo functionality too:


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