[CLOSED] checkbox callback wrong value

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    [CLOSED] checkbox callback wrong value

    Hi there, I have developed a user control which allows to generate a CRUD form based on a JSON file.
    For this purpose the user control creates grid and edit window with form for editing purposes.

    I have located the initialisation code like this

        Protected Overrides Sub OnInit(e As EventArgs)
        End Sub
        Protected Sub Page_Init(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Me.Init
        End Sub
    Inside the InitControl routine I initialise fields like:

                    ElseIf _type = "checkbox" Then
                        Dim cb As New Ext.Net.Checkbox With {.FieldLabel = p("title").ToString, .Flex = "1"}
                        ctrl = cb
    I first create form fields, then add them to form and finally add form to window and add window to user control.

    My problem is that whenever I check the checkbox and click save button, in code behind when evaluating value for checkbox it tells the value is the one before modifying it at the screen. If I check true, I receive false, which happens to be the value before. If I then uncheck and hit save, I received true.

    Do you have any idea of what could be wrong here?
    I know it is difficult to understand specially considering I should submit a full example ir order for you to evaluate but wonder if this has happened before to someone and you already know how to fix it?
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