[CLOSED] Help with JSON function

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    [CLOSED] Help with JSON function

    I need to solve this function

    protected void GetJSON() {
                String StrDatos;
                StrDatos = "{\r\n  \"EventId\": 1001,\r\n  \"CalendarId\": 4,\r\n  \"Title\": \"CITA\",\r\n  \"StartDate\": \"2014-05-29T10:00:00\",\r\n  \"EndDate\": \"2014-05-29T10:15:00\",\r\n  \"Location\": \"\",\r\n  \"Notes\": \"MARIO PEREZ\",\r\n  \"Url\": \"\",\r\n  \"IsAllDay\": false,\r\n  \"Reminder\": \"\",\r\n  \"IsNew\": false,\r\n  \"cls\": \"ext-cal-ev\",\r\n  \"_positioned\": true,\r\n  \"_left\": 0,\r\n  \"_width\": 100,\r\n  \"_top\": 420,\r\n  \"_height\": 15,\r\n  \"_weekIndex\": 4,\r\n  \"spanLeft\": false,\r\n  \"spanRight\": false,\r\n  \"spanCls\": \"\"\r\n}";
                        Dictionary<string, string>[] deserializedJSON = Ext.Net.JSON.Deserialize<Dictionary<string, string>[]>(StrDatos);    
                    }catch(Exception errx){
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    Hi @mapperez,

    I don't think that a JSON object can be deserialized to an array of Dictionaries.

    But it can be deserialized into a Dictionary itself. So, if you change
    Dictionary<string, string>[]
    Dictionary<string, string>
    it should work.

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