Trigger field disapears!

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    Trigger field disapears!


    When I hide a panel that content a trigger field and I do visible the panel again, I cant show the trigger field because it's hidden.

    In the Page Load:
    this.myPanel.Hidden = true;
    Post Back:
    this.myPanel.Hidden = false;
    I dont change the Hidden property of the trigger field and it only happen with this type of control.

    Is it a bug?

    In the other hand, the AutoExpandColumn of a gridpanel contented in this panel either work.

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    RE: Trigger field disapears!

    Hi Kaido,

    I ran a couple tests with setting .Hidden=false on an <ext:Panel> and it appears to work correctly during both an AjaxEvent and PostBack.

    Geoffrey McGill
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    RE: Trigger field disapears!


    I tested something else and did run into a problem.

    We are investigating.

    Geoffrey McGill
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    RE: Trigger field disapears!

    Thank you very much for investigate it, geoffrey.mcgill

    I collapse the panel in the page load, perhaps this info can be useful to you. And I have the same problem with FieldSet control, but I didn't find any reason.

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