[CLOSED] GridPanel RowExpander Plugin

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    [CLOSED] GridPanel RowExpander Plugin

    Quick question, anyway to automatically make the rows expanded instead of collapsed? Want it to be collapsed for administrators and expanded for the public.

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    RE: [CLOSED] GridPanel RowExpander Plugin

    Hi Timothy,

    I added CollapsedByDefault property for RowExpander. Now if CollapsedByDefault=false then all rows will be expanded
    And please clean cache of your browser because many changes in js files

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    RE: [CLOSED] GridPanel RowExpander Plugin

    Awesome vlad ;)

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    RE: [CLOSED] GridPanel RowExpander Plugin

    FYI, the RowExpander "CollapsedByDefault" property has been renamed to just "Collapsed". The default value is Collapsed="true".

    To have the rows expanded when rendered, please set Collapsed="false".


    <ext:RowExpander runat="server" Collapsed="false">
    Hope this helps.

    Geoffrey McGill

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