[CLOSED] Scatter chart radius + tooltip

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    [CLOSED] Scatter chart radius + tooltip

    I have a scatter chart where the dots have a pretty big radius. When I hover over the dot, the tooltip does not show unless I am near the center of the dot. Is there a setting to control when the tooltip is visible?
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    There is 'isItemInPoint' method in 'Ext.chart.series.Scatter'
    Inside that method you can find tolerance variable equals 10
    So, I guess you need to override that method to increase tolerance

    Here is that method
    isItemInPoint: function(x, y, item) {
            var point,
                tolerance = 10,
                abs = Math.abs;
            function dist(point) {
                var dx = abs(point[0] - x),
                    dy = abs(point[1] - y);
                return Math.sqrt(dx * dx + dy * dy);
            point = item.point;
            return (point[0] - tolerance <= x && point[0] + tolerance >= x &&
                point[1] - tolerance <= y && point[1] + tolerance >= y);
    Vladimir Shcheglov
    Sr. Developer
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    Thanks. I want to use the radius to determine the tolerance. Just by playing wiht numbers, I find that radius * 4 seems to work. Do you know the relationship between radius and point size?
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    It looks that "point" in that method is just a center of scatter item and it doesn't depend on radius. Maybe, it should depend, we are not sure.

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