Focusing first row of GridPanel

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    Focusing first row of GridPanel


    I would like to make my GridPanel as keyboard-compatible as possible. I have a HeaderFilter plugin that applies the filters when the user hits Return in any of the textboxes. Now this is the moment when I would like to set the input focus on the first row of the grid so the user can conveniently navigate among the rows using the arrow keys (I have other functions attached to row keypresses).
    I saw focusRow and selectRow, but neither worked for me. Does it matter from when these are invoked?
    I greatly appreciate your help!

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    Yes, in some cases delay is required, you can wrap focusRow in setTimeout with small delay (for example, 100 ms)

    In any way, to understand why it is not worked in your case, we need a test sample
    Vladimir Shcheglov
    Sr. Developer
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    Thanks, I'll try it and get back if it isnt solved.

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