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    I know this won't be out until v0.8, but I had a question regarding this. Will it provide some sort of "modal" functionality? For example, it is quite common that you need to allow the user to hit the OK button before it continues on processing something. For example (pseudocode):

    Select Case MessageBox.Result
    Case OK: AjaxMethod1
    Case Cancel: AjaxMethod2
    End Select

    Will this be available with this control? Until then, how can I accomplish something like this with the Ext.Msg class?
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    RE: Ext.MessageBox

    Hi dbassett74,

    I just happened to be adding some new functionality to the Ext.MessageBox class and it's related to your question.

    If using v0.8, the following sample demonstrates how you could accomplish conditional logic with the new ButtonsConfig object.


    Ext.Msg.Confirm("Message", "Confirm?", new MessageBox.ButtonsConfig
        Yes = new MessageBox.ButtonConfig
            Handler = "CompanyX.DoYes()",
            Text = "Yes Please"
        No = new MessageBox.ButtonConfig
            Handler = "CompanyX.DoNo()",
            Text = "No Thanks"
    I added a new sample demonstrating this sample to the Examples Explorer which is available at the following location if you have SVN access, see /Examples/MessageBox/Basic/ButtonsConfig/

    I'll post a follow-up demonstrating similar functionality with v0.7.

    Geoffrey McGill
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    RE: Ext.MessageBox

    Here's basically the same functionality using hand rolled JavaScript which would be required if using v0.7.


    string script = "Ext.Msg.confirm('Message', 'Confirm?', function (buttonId) { if(buttonId == 'yes') { Coolite.AjaxMethods.DoYes(); } else { Coolite.AjaxMethods.DoNo(); } } );";
    Hope this helps.

    Geoffrey McGill
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    RE: Ext.MessageBox

    Works great. Is there a way to set the Icon to one of the other messagebox icons?

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