Linq database delete database from gridPanel not success

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    Linq database delete database from gridPanel not success

    I use linq connect database.The Create/Update are success ,noly the delete not.the data remove from grilPanel, but not delete from database.
    Following is my code

                 <ext:RowSelectionModel ID="RowSelectionModel1" runat="server" SingleSelect="true">                                         
                                                    <RowDeselect Handler="if (!#{GridPanel1}.hasSelection()) {#{btnDelete}.disable();}" />                                            
        <ext:Button ID="btnDelete" runat="server"  Text="delete" Icon="Delete"  AutoPostBack="false">
               <Click Handler="Ext.Msg.confirm( <Click Handler="Ext.Msg.confirm('Confirm','Are you sure?',function(btn){if(btn=='yes'){#{GridPanel1}.deleteSelected();if(!#{GridPanel1}.hasSelection()){#{btnDelete}.disable();}}});" />

    cs code
            protected void Store1_BeforeChange(object sender, BeforeStoreChangedEventArgs e)
            string json = e.DataHandler.JsonData;
            StoreDataHandler dataHandler = new StoreDataHandler(json);
            ChangeRecords<Teacher> data = dataHandler.ObjectData<Teacher>();
            foreach (Teacher teacher in data.Deleted)
            foreach (Teacher teacher in data.Updated)
                ss.Refresh(RefreshMode.KeepCurrentValues, teacher);
            foreach (Teacher teacher in data.Created)
    Waiting for answer....

    Thank you very much!!!
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    Im facing some problem here with row update in GridPanel. Im using LINQ as ORM and in GridPanel im using RowEditor plugin. I can find the updated data from grid and datacontext.submitchange is executing without any exception but there is no impact in DB table. I think im missed something. Could you please show me the snippets on how you used your GridPanel to work it with linq?

    Though this thread of your's is 2+ years old, yet im hoping you might notice my post and help me with my issue.

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    Hi @reezvi,

    Please clarify is the thread with the same problem?
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    Hi Daniil,

    Yes, that's the thread. Thanks that you noticed.
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    Ok, lets continue the thread that you initially started.
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    k Daniil. thanks

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