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    Two years ago, when I was using Ext.NET mvc I was struggling with bad documentation and poor api. By poor api I mean some methods didnt work at all or I couldnt find good example how to make them to work. Time passed and now Iam thinking again about using again ext.net in mvc views hoping that something changed in API. I have done few simple tests and results arent good.

    There is a still problem with documentation and poor api. For example I downloaded latest ext.net by nuget open up example website called ExtNet/Index.cshtml. Tried to set tooltip to button, so I used property SetToolTip which have 2 overloads one with string, next with QTipCfg. Used both but they seem not to work. I went for web to find answers and yes I found that everybody uses method called ToolTip to set tooltip, this one actualy works. I though why give programmer a method that dosent work? I thought maybe I missed something? Somethng important in documentation? I went for http://docs.ext.net/. Both methods SetToolTip and ToolTip does the same, but only the 2nd one works.

    I have more examples like that, my question is that: Is it me who uses ext.net in wrong way, misses some clue points in docs or is it library under mvc ?

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    Hi @qboo,

    Welcome to the Ext.NET forums and thank you for the feedback!

    Yes, unfortunately, the documentation is still a big problem.

    As for ToolTip vs SetToolTip problem, there is a general rule - the methods should be used during a DirectEvent/DirectMethod only, to configure initial state of the control, please use properties.

    I though why give programmer a method that dosent work?
    You are right. But, unfortunately, it is not that simple to sort the things out here.
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    Thanks for reply. Im aware of difficulties with sorting out problems with documentation and api. Thanks for advices, if I will choose to use Ext.NET in my app I will follow your advice.

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    Thank you for understanding!

    We'll be happy if you finally choose Ext.NET.

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