[CLOSED] Pager Issues

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    [CLOSED] Pager Issues


    I have you a really strange issue with the pager control which only occurs randomly.
    Basically when paging through a grid the application will appear to freeze (as per image) click the pager button again and it comes back to life. The form also gets a double border.

    I can't post the code due to it being embedded into an app. The form is in a user control which is loaded in a user control loader.

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    I have noticed a common bit of code that exists in the forms that exhibit the problem.

    They all have a suspendlayout = true on load and then a suspendlayout = false once finished -- I have removed this code and this seems to have resolved the intermittent problem on the pager.

    Will update the thread as I continue the testing.

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    Hi CanopiusApplications,

    Yes, I also have seen issues while using suspendLayouts and resumeLayouts calls. It might be very hard to fix. Though, hard to say anything concrete without a test case.
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    Hi Danil

    I think removing these has fixed the issue as I have not seen this since removing the code.

    App UAT is due to start in the next few days so if I get sometime I might try and knock up something for you guys to look at.

    What makes it even more tricky is the fact there was no pattern to its occurrence sometimes it would happen and other times not so even if I managed to reproduce on my machine then no guarantee you would see it. Our tester running IE 11 did not even find the issue at all.

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    Unfortunately this error is still there although far less frequent. I have removed all code that has suspent and resume layouts but no luck so something else is causing.

    Danil you said you had seen this before so in those case can you give me a rough idea what was causing it please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CanopiusApplications View Post
    Danil you said you had seen this before so in those case can you give me a rough idea what was causing it please.
    Well, I said the following:
    Yes, I also have seen issues while using suspendLayouts and resumeLayouts calls.
    To clarify, I have not seen the same issue, but I have seen one issue using suspendLayouts and resumeLayouts calls:

    If you say that it is reproducible regardless there is a suspendLayout call or not, then it should be not related to it at all. Something is wrong with layouting. Sorry, no concrete ideas.
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    Yes it would appear that it was not suspend layout that was the cause although the other forms which had the problem now do now seem to have the problem since removing suspend layout.

    When I say reproducible by this I mean it still happens, it does not mean there is a set way to force the error -- some times it will happen after clicking the pager 10 times and other time 50 -- it is a really really annoying bug.

    Will keep posting as I go.

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    Agree, such issues are very frustrating. We hope you will be able to provide us with something to reproduce it.
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    Hi Danil

    I have made some progress with this bug in terms of the application.

    The changed the property Shadow=false on all the windows, this has not removed the bug but it has made a huge difference and the bug is only now occasionally seen. In general now the pagers do not cause the app to freeze and perform quite nicely -- they do on occasion perform quite slowly but this only seems to be when the app first starts, once a few windows have been opened and then closed the pagers become very responsive.

    Secondly I have also noticed that this bug is only happening on IE10 and does not happen on either IE9 or IE11. The bug does not occur on either Chrome or FF.

    As an aside I have also noticed that the grey theme is much darker when run through IE11.

    The most disappointing thing is that part of the reason for using the control set was to eliminate the need to worry about browser versions but in this case it seems to be very much linked to browser versions.

    Will continue to update the thread as I progress.

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    Attached is a new screen shot of the error in the pager. Once the grid is in this state you can click next page and it will come back to life so basically once you get this you can still page although it takes 2 clicks per page. Sometimes happens other times not, very incocsistent as to when the bug appears and no set way to produce it. it appears to be related to painting of the form.

    Click image for larger version. 

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