[CLOSED] IPad and DirectMethod Help

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    [CLOSED] IPad and DirectMethod Help

    Hi, i have a problem whit the DirectMethod on the last versione of the IPad, this code not work:
     <ext:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" Text="Entra" Scale="Medium" IconCls="login" 
                                                                                    CausesValidation="true" OnDirectClick="LoginUser"  >
                                                                                <Click Handler="
                                                                                       if (!#{txtUtente}.isValid() || !#{txtPas}.isValid()) {
                                                                                       #{txtUtente}.focus(); // if non valid, focus the field.
                                                                                       return false;
    The code OnDirectClick="LoginUser" not call the method on server..

    You have notice on this problem ? On the old IPad it's work ok.

    Any call on the server side not work..

    Thanks for any info...

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