<DIV id=__cs__debugtoolbar__zoom__ style="ZOOM: 100%; POSITION: relative" NAME="__cs__debugtoolbar__zoom__"> Hi people,

my english is so poor but i try to explain my issue.

I need to know if is possible to send javascripts from Ajax Methods to manipulate Ext objects.

for example when i try to create a tab and add to tabpanel or create a treenode and add to treepanel in code behind nothing happens. i guess that ocurr because coolite methods is not implemented yet and not generate corresponding javascript code to update ext objects and send to client.

so i want to send manually javascript code to do that from an Ajax Method

or may be you can guide me to implement that coolite methods in source code (example root.nodes.add <-method) to send javascript to client to add node to tree

I hope to be clear...

Thanks for your time


Rinaldo J. Sassaroli