[CLOSED] TreePanel Info Filter

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    [CLOSED] TreePanel Info Filter

    Hi, i use the filter for find the node, but with many record the first time is slow, the second time to execute the filter is ok.

    I have a solution for this case for help my?

    I load intere tree in Page_Load (c#), and it's ok, se expand manually it' work ok, but se filter use:

                                                    EnableKeyEvents="true" Height="40">
                                                        <ext:FieldTrigger Icon="Clear" />
                                                        <TriggerClick Handler="clearFilter();" />
                                                <ext:Button ID="Button3" runat="server" Text="Conferma" Scale="Small"
                                            IconUrl="Images/Icon/save24.png" >
                                        <Click Handler="filterTree(TriggerField1)" />
    var filterTree = function (tf, e) {
                    var tree = TreePanelOri,
                        text = tf.getRawValue();
                    if (Ext.isEmpty(text, false)) {                    
                        var re = new RegExp(".*" + text + ".*", "i");
                        tree.filterBy(function (node) {
                            return re.test(node.data.text);
    First time is many slow, but if repeat the filter is ok.

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    First and next filters should not consume different times only if you do not use remote loading for subnodes (when you expand a node then it try to load own children)

    We need a test case reproduces the issue
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    Hi Vladimir...
    I load all the tree then load the page, but with IE11 the first filter the time is 3-4 second, the next filter only +/- 1 second..
    With other browser the different is almost irrelevant.

    I'll see if I can reproduce an example with all the data in the tree.


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