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    Dynamic fields

    Hello forum,

    My development team have been evaluating Coolite framework for potential use in a commercial business application. This is my first post to the forum. I believe I have gone through most of the topics in here. To begin with, I would like to warmly congratulate the Coolite team for the very good work.

    Unfortunately enough, we came across a number of issues that have not yet been addressed and that have already been reported and to be seen in the forthcoming 0.8.

    Due to the nature of our application, of particular concern are issues related to dynamic add of fields. More specifically:

    a. The framework does not enable the dynamic add of editors in an editor grid panel.

    b. When referencing dynamically created check boxes (Checkbox class) casting from FindControl, or any other enumerator called from the parent form panel or tab panel, SetValue does not seem to work. The message returned by firebug is 'this.wrap is undefined'.

    Thank you very much.

    George Karakostas
    Product Manager

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    RE: Dynamic fields


    a. It is fixed in 0.8 version
    b. Can you provide a small sample which shows  the problem?

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    RE: Dynamic fields

    Excellent. Approximately when to expect 0.8 going live?

    Unfortunately, we have been unable to reproduce the issue in small sized code. I would be happy to privately send the original aspx file which is kind of long. The general context is that a gridpanel provides a dynamic list of linqdatasource records, and a hidden window awaits. The window includes a formpanel with dynamically created fields on pageload. When the user selects a record, the values are filled and the window is displayed. Because the field id is not known in design-time, a line as:

    does the work, where Form_Fields is a table containing the dynamic fields and the value is been set appropriately, let's assume for the sake fo the argument always true.

    This seem to work seemlessly for any combobox, textfield, etc. Only for checkboxes the following error occurs:

    <div class="errorTitle">
    this.wrap is undefined
    <div class="errorTrace"><div class="objectBox objectBox-stackFrame"><a class="objectLink">
    onRender()</a>(true)coolite.axd?9936 (line 130)
    <div class="objectBox objectBox-stackFrame"><a class="objectLink">
    setValues()</a>([[<a class="objectLink objectLink-object">Object initialConfig=Object id=DocID2_Detail</a>, "112300312" 0=Object 1=112300312], [<a class="objectLink objectLink-object">Object initialConfig=Object id=SeriesID_Detail xtype=combo</a>, 1123 0=Object 1=1123], [<a class="objectLink objectLink-object">Object initialConfig=Object id=DocCount_Detail</a>, 312 0=Object 1=312], 20 more... 0=[2] 1=[2] 2=[2] 3=[2] 4=[2] 5=[2] 6=[2] 7=[2] 8=[2]])coolite.axd?9936 (line 2231)
    <div class="objectBox objectBox-stackFrame"><a class="objectLink">eval()</a>()coolite....jYw%3D%3D (line 1)
    <div class="objectBox objectBox-stackFrame"><a class="objectLink">(?)()</a>()coolite.axd?9936 (line 1658)
    <div class="objectBox objectBox-stackFrame"><a class="objectLink">TaskRunner()</a>()coolite.axd?9936 (line 20)

    <div class="errorSourceBox errorSource-exec">
    [img]chrome://firebug/content/blank.gif[/img]Ext.form.Checkbox=Ext.extend(Ext.form.Fi...);Ext.r eg("checkbox",Ext.form.Checkbox);

    Best Regards,


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