[CLOSED] Treepanel - Use custom Icons

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    [CLOSED] Treepanel - Use custom Icons

    I know there are lot of icons in the Ext icon list, but sometimes I need to use additional custom icons.

    What are the best practices to use custom icons? What's the Image format I should use and the resolution?

    How can I add some additional Icons to use them in the controls?

    I need to use custom icons on a treeview node but I didn't found a solution.

    have a good day!
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    Hi @John_Writers,

    Please use a Node's IconFile of IconCls.
    <ext:Node Text="Node 1" IconFile="resources/images/test.png" />
    <ext:Node Text="Node 2" IconCls="my-icon" />
        .my-icon {
            background-image: url(resources/images/test.png);
    Please note that <style> is not required for IconFile.
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    Ok, I used the IconFile property, but I can see only a little part of the image, because the image is too big.

    What's the best format and resolution to convert the images to?

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    I think you have to decrease the image's size manually in some utility for editing of images. It should be 16x16.
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    perfect! with the 16x16 png image it works well, but,

    I need to have a bigger tree, with bigger icons, like 32x32 or 64x64.

    How can I make the ext tree bigger?

    Thanks for your time.

    Have a good day.
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    It is not supported by default, but you can try to get it via CSS.
    <ext:TreePanel runat="server" Cls="my-tree">
        .my-tree .x-tree-icon {
            width: 24px;
            height: 24px;

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