[CLOSED] TagField: cannot override default delimiter

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    [CLOSED] TagField: cannot override default delimiter

    I've been working with the tagField and trying to override the delimiter to a different value since my data contains or could contain ",".

    X.TagField().Flex(1).ID("displayRecordDocSource").FieldLabel("Doc Source").LabelWidth(70).MultiSelect(true).QueryMode(DataLoadMode.Local)
    .GrowMax(100).Delimiter("|").EmptyText("Select all document source").Listeners(l => {l.Change.Handler = "App.fieldsetBulkSelect.doLayout();";})
    the resulting values always are separated by a comma.
    Since some of my data contains comma within
    "Documents","Progress Notes (Allen, F)","Chat_Direction","Progress Labs (LABS, A)"
    I would need to have a different separator, such as
    Documents|Progress Notes (Allen, F)|Chat_Direction|Progress Labs (LABS, A)
    Can you please verify that the default delimiter cannot be set to something other than a ",". I'm trying to use "|" the pipe.
    Thanks for you assistance.
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    Hi @rsnead,

    Please use a TagLabelConfig's TagsDelimeter.

    <ext:TagField runat="server">
        <TagLabelConfig TagsDelimeter="|" />
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    Now a TagField's Delimiter if defined is used as a TagsDelimeter. But a TagLabelConfig's TagsDelimeter is still in priority.

    The change has been done in the trunk, revision #5646. It will go to the v2.5 release.
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    Thanks Daniil,

    I have configured using TagLabelConfig. Everything working appropriately. thank you for updating the trunk.

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