Chart lineSeries renderer

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    Chart lineSeries renderer

    Hi I would like to create a pareto chart :
    I use a store with 3 fields:

     private static Store BuildStore(this BiziPharmaDAL.TableauPareto TP)
                Store store = new Store
                    ID = "tsgPare" + idcounter,
                    Model = 
                    new Model 
                        Fields = 
                            new ModelField("libelle", ModelFieldType.String),
                            new ModelField("cumul", ModelFieldType.Int),
                            new ModelField("qte", ModelFieldType.Int),
                store.DataSource = TP.lignes;
                return store;
    "cumul" field is the running total.
    I do not wish to populate it on server side, so i decided to add a renderer to the line series:

    ColumnSeries colqte = new ColumnSeries();
    colqte.XField = new string[] { "libelle" };
    colqte.YField = new string[] { "qte" };
    LineSeries colcum = new LineSeries();
    colcum.XField = new string[] { "libelle" };
    colcum.YField = new string[] { "cumul" };
    colcum.Renderer.Handler = @" (index > 0 ? (store.getAt(index - 1).data.cumul) : 0) +; return;";
    it does not render as i expect it to:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    as well, firebug tells me "TypeError: is undefined"

    I tried replacing by store.getAt(index).data.qte : this time firebug tells me storeGetAt is undefined, and so on...

    can you please tell me what i am doing wrong ?

    As well, i use the same store to build a gridpanel (see on scrennshot) : in this panl, column "cumul" is also renderered:

     Renderer= { Handler=@" (rowIndex > 0 ? (store.getAt(rowIndex - 1).data.cumul) : 0) +['qte']; return;"}
    and this works...

    thanks for your help !
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    Can you provide runable sample?
    It seems renderer works fine in the following sample

    Please note that it is required to return attributes (not value)
    Vladimir Shcheglov
    Sr. Developer
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    Hi, thanks for your answer, i did not understand it was required to return attributes, i thought it could return values too.
    Is there any way i can set the values of a series on the fly, or must i populate the store ?
    as well, we also could imagine "stacked" values for line series : it would do the same, but appearently, it is not possbile.

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