[OPEN] [#434] Treepanel select does not fire Itemclick event

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    [OPEN] [#434] Treepanel select does not fire Itemclick event

    In the treepanel it is possible to select a node without the itemclick event firing. But the select event does fire.

    If you open the example https://examples2.ext.net/#/TreePanel/Basic/SiteMap/ you can see this happen.

    If you expand the first leaf nodes "icon summary" and "Overview" and bring your mouse down to the very bottom of the node and click the node will get selected but does not fire the itemclick event.

    This can cause problems as the selected node is coming up as the new selected node, but the logic for that node click has not fired.

    It seems to be like a 1 pixel difference in the size of the select area compared to the itemclick area.

    I presume it is not meant to be like this.

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    Hi @Fergus,

    Reproduced. Thank you for the report. Seems the bug appeared between v2.2 and v2.3. I will investigate.
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    A very weird problem. The click event is not fired on the DOM level. But, for example, the mousedown event is fired. I don't see any reason why.

    You can use the ItemMouseDown event instead of ItemClick. Or the Select one. They appear to be fired consistently.
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    Not able to get any treepanel event to fire in IE8

    I am working on our upgrade to Et.Net 3x and I am stumped by this issue. I have tried all the "click" and "mouse" events with no success. Can we brainstorm a work around?
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    Hi @betamax,

    It looks you have encountered this issue:

    Please clarify are you using the public 3.1.0 release or the latest from SVN? The issue is reproducible with the public release, but it should not with the latest from SVN trunk.

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