[CLOSED] I can not get scroll for HtmlEditor

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    [CLOSED] I can not get scroll for HtmlEditor


    I can not get the scroll for htmleditor.. I have tried to add in a panel with autoscroll=true, and in this example I have put it in a container.
    For the gridpanel in this example, the scroll works fine when needed. But not for the htmleditor.
    (I striped down the code to hopefully make it more clear)

    I guess it is a easy misstake I made, but I can just not find it :)

    Best regards

                <ext:Window ID="win_uc_cases" runat="server"
                    Layout="Border" Maximizable="true" Minimizable="true" Closable="false" 
                    Title="MSS Inbox" LazyMode="Instance" Modal="false">
                        <ext:Toolbar ID="Toolbar1" runat="server">
                                    Title="Case Filters"
                            <ext:GridPanel ID="GridPanel1" runat="server"
                                Border="false" Region="Center" Split="true" AutoScroll="true" SelectionMemory="false" >
                             <ext:Container ID="Container1" runat="server" Layout="AnchorLayout" AutoScroll="true" Region="South" Split="true">
                                        <ext:HtmlEditor  runat="server" ID="lblHtmlEditor" ItemID="lblHtmlEditor"   Anchor="100% 100%"  ReadOnly="false"  ></ext:HtmlEditor>   
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    Hi @waxby,

    A vertical scrollbar appears for me when I type some amount of lines therein.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    So, I don't understand the problem. Please elaborate.
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    Hi Daniil
    What I noticed now is that before I select anything in the Gridview, I have an editable htmleditor, and when typing text, scroll appears like you tested.
    However, when selecting a row in the gridview, I do the folloing in codebehind:

    lblHtmlEditor.Html = "<br/><br/>" + sTheHtmlBodyToShow;

    ... and no scroll appears, and it seem like it goes to readyonly mode.
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    Also, please replace
    lblHtmlEditor.Html = "html";
    Also please set Height or Flex setting for the Container1. The south region requires either of those settings, see "Notes" here:
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    .SetValue() was the trick. It works as supposed. However I do not understand why .html = "html" does not work.

    Case closed :)

    Best regards
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    You can use the Text property as well.
    lblHtmlEditor.Text = "html";
    An HtmlEditor is a field. Like a TextField. You don't use a TextField's Html. The same policy for an HtmlEditor.

    The Html property is for another purposes and, generally speaking, should not be used for fields.

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