[CLOSED] Gridpanel selected items in cardlayout

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    [CLOSED] Gridpanel selected items in cardlayout

    I have a Gridpanel in a cardlayout with checkboxselectionmodel.

    When i change selected items in a directevent and do an updateSelection() the hasSelection() always returns false unless i activate the gridpanel in the cardlayout.

    This was working fine without activating the Gridpanel in the cardlayout but after updating from SVN it does not work anymore.

    I have tried deferredrender = false in the cardlayout layoutconfig.

    It is like the gridpanel won't update the selection until the panel has been activated at least once.

    Any help appreciated.

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    Hi @Fergus,

    The background is the following.

    No items are available for selection until a GridView's ViewReady event fires.

    The ViewReady event fires on rendering and layouting of the GridPanel. Yes, DeferredRender="false" helps to render the GridPanel in a hidden card immediately, but it doesn't force layouting. I think layouting can be properly done on first activation only. So, no layout => no ViewReady event => no selection. It is why the hasSelection method returns false.

    You said that it worked previously. I would say it was rather a defect.

    As a solution I can suggest the following:
    var hasSelectionExtended = function(sm) {
        if (sm.view.viewReady) {
            return sm.hasSelection();
        } else {
            return !Ext.isEmpty(sm.selectedData);

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