[CLOSED] Button Trigger is too slow

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    [CLOSED] Button Trigger is too slow

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    Hi @aplus,

    Quote Originally Posted by aplus View Post
    When i put breakpoint into these methods, it comes very slow.
    I am not sure what exactly you mean. Does the Visual Studio open slowly for debugging?

    Quote Originally Posted by aplus View Post
    but after databind, it does not show in interface.
    Do you mean that you don't see these data in the GridPanel?
    meterToStore.DataSource = dt2;
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    meterToStore.DataSource = dt2;
    Yes i can see the data in the table, after databind. Only if i make the datatable static and then reload the page again i can see the table.
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    Hard to say what is wrong.

    If you can provide a runnable and simplified test case, we would be happy to investigate.
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    Thank you. But, I am afraid, we cannot run it, because (at least) it depends on some database which we don't have. And, actually, we don't need that database. Please bind some dummy data.

    Also, please read these guides:
    Forum Guidelines For Posting New Topics
    More Information Required

    There you can find many tips regarding code samples we expect. Thank you.

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