[CLOSED] How can I get this destroy call to render in a DirectEvent?

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    [CLOSED] How can I get this destroy call to render in a DirectEvent?

    I do not know why but I cannot get this destroy to render. I suspect it's because it's not attached to a parent control
                ( new Hidden() {
                    ID = "App." + ctlID,
                    IDMode = IDMode.Static
                } ).Destroy();
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    I think I have found the solution. This will render if I add the Hidden to Page.Controls.

    Still, as a slightly different question related to the same. I'm wondering, is there a way to push X.AddScript or other render to beginning of the returned stream in a DirectEvent?
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    Hi @michaeld,

    For example,
    Do you need "alert(2)" to be executed before "alert(1)"?

    Maybe, this way:

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