[CLOSED] Multi-Header Filter - issues with Paging

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    [CLOSED] Multi-Header Filter - issues with Paging


    I have implemented multi-header filter (local filter not remote) in grid panel (like http://mvc.ext.net/#/GridPanel_MultiHeader/Filter/ ). Also added paging toolbar in the bottom of the grid panel. The filter is working fine if it returns single page result. In case more than one page and i am navigating to the second page, it clears all the filter text as well as the filtered results and it shows all the results. if i am using filter features (instead of multi-header filter) its working fine. How can i solve this issue. Please guide me.

    Thanks in advance
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    Hi @MTSI,

    Yes, a PagingToolbar is not aware of those filters. So, it is not going to work.

    We recommend to switch to the FilterHeader plugin.
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    We added a MVC version of this sample, you can find it in our SVN: http://svn.ext.net/premium/trunk/Ext...Views/Overview
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    Thanks for your quick reply.

    From the example it supports only the text-box control filter it seems. But I need date picker and combo box too.

    Is there any possibility?
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    Here is an example with custom fields.
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    Generally speaking, you should just put a DateField into a Column's HeaderItems. It should be used as a filter.
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    Remote Filter?

    Here is an example with custom fields.
    Is there anyway to make this thing works as a remote filter? I mean I want to filter multiple string values and I want to do it remotely. Is it possible?
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    Hello @ufkgrgn,

    There is a FilterHeader plugin which looks suitable for your needs.
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    I've already implemented that solution but in my gridpanel I have a checkbox list in FilterHeader. This column contains string values and I want select multiple values to filter the data. It was working with local paging/filtering mode but I needed to switch to remote mode because of performance issues. I've searched the forums but I couldn't find anything about multiple string values filtering in remote mode. It doesn't work like "any Value1 Value2" in remote mode.

    The GridPanel's filterheaders looks like this :
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hi @ufkgrgn,

    I apologize for overlooking your answer. Please clarify is the issue still actual?

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