[CLOSED] Mandatory icon against the tree panel

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    [CLOSED] Mandatory icon against the tree panel

    Hi Team,

    Unable to show mandatory icon against the tree panel. Kindly suggest

              <ext:TreePanel ID="treeCLALocation" runat="server" Lines="true" Draggable="false"
                                                                Height="300" UseArrows="false" AutoScroll="true" EnableDD="false" CollapseFirst="false"
                                                                ContainerScroll="true" Border="true" AutoDataBind="true" Shadow="None" RootVisible="false"
                                                                AutoDestroy="true" AutoRender="true" Mode="Remote" >
                                                                    <ext:TreeLoader DataUrl="/Company/GetConsumptionLocationTree" PreloadChildren="true">
                                                                            <BeforeLoad Handler="Common.ShowMask(Ext.RESOURCE_STORE.getById('CLLoadingLocations').data.Value);" />
                                                                            <Load Handler="Common.HideMask();" />
                                                                            <ext:Parameter Name="nodeType" Value="node" Mode="Value" />
                                                                            <nxtwc:NxtParameter Name="companyId" Value="Ext.SelectedCompanyId" Mode="Raw" />
                                                                            <nxtwc:NxtParameter Name="consumptionLimitId" Value="Ext.SelectedConsumptionLimit"
                                                                                Mode="Raw" />
                                                                            <nxtwc:NxtParameter Name="isCLForPOU" Value="Ext.POUChecked" Mode="Raw" />
                                                                            <ext:Parameter Name="departmentId" Value="Ext.DepartmentSelected" Mode="Raw" />
                                                                            <ext:Parameter Name="itemId" Value="Ext.ItemSelected" Mode="Raw" />
                                                                    <ext:AsyncTreeNode NodeID='0' Draggable="false" Icon="BuildingKey" Expanded="false">
                                                                    <CheckChange Handler="CheckChildren(this,node,checked,'Location',#{ddCLALocation},#{dsCLAItem},#{cmbCLAItem});" />
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    Hi @MarginPoint,

    What is the Mandatory icon? Where is it supposed to be shown? And, finally, how do you show that icon in the code snippet?

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