Hi all,

I've got a menu setup with some menuitems, all works well, I click on them and my center panel loads a different view using an asp:multiview, that works fine.

However, when I click on a button (any) in the grid i've defined in any of my user controls, subsequent clicks on menuitems open them in new browser windows!?

I have the menu's in an accordion, and here's an example of the definition for one of the menu's

<ext:MenuPanel ID="mnuUsers" runat="server" Title="User Menu" Icon="User">
                                        <ext:MenuItem AutoPostBack="true" ID="mnuUsersManage" runat="server" Text="Manage Users" Icon="User" &#111;nclick="menuItem_Click" />
                                        <ext:MenuItem AutoPostBack="true" ID="mnuUsersPasswords" runat="server" Text="Password Maintenance" Icon="Key" &#111;nclick="menuItem_Click" />
The menuItem_Click is called fine, and it's just a switch statement that sets the current view on a multiview control like this

this.mmvViews.ActiveViewIndex = AdminViews.vwUser;
Again that all works fine.

But some of those views have grids, which have buttons on them. Clicking the grid and editing causes no problems, but clicking on any of the buttons causes subsequent menu clicks to load in a new window.

Here's an example button

<ext:Button ID="btnGrid_Reload" runat="server" Text="Refresh" AutoPostBack="false" Icon="ArrowRefresh">
                <Click Handler="#{grdUsers}.reload();" />
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

// Carl