Unexpected token: ,

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    Unexpected token: ,

    Yesterday I tried to use Ext.NET for the first time. I tried to make a basic application, but when I load it in the browser, I get the error: 'Unexpected token: ,'.
    I noticed a view elements on the screen do get loaded, but elements with fields in it don't. (formpanel)
    I've tried different approaches, even bought the e-book of 'Ext.NET Web Application Development', because I thought I was doing something wrong. But the first example in the book gives me the same error.

    How can I solve this error?
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    Did you try Ext.Net 2.3.0 from Nuget?
    If yes then try to update Json.NET to 5.0.8 release
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    I did install Ext.NET through nuget. I updated Json.NET as you suggested. It works now.
    Thank you very much for you help.
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    This problem has been solved with a new release of Json.NET (5.0.8). If anyone runs into a similar problem in the future, the following thread may help, see

    Geoffrey McGill

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