2.3 Remote Validation activateRemoteValidation and deactivateRemoteValidation issue

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    2.3 Remote Validation activateRemoteValidation and deactivateRemoteValidation issue


    About Remote Validation, I think there are still problems, I use activateRemoteValidation and deactivateRemoteValidation function, I find that I can't activateRemoteValidation when field already in activate remote validation state. If I invoke activateRemoteValidation twice, the function isValid of field will be set to undefined, I debug javascript code, I find activateRemoteValidation and deactivateRemoteValidation use below code.

        activateRemoteValidation : function () {
            this.originalIsValid = this.isValid;
            this.originalValidate = this.validate;
            this.isValid = this.rv_isValid;
            this.validate = this.rv_validate;
        deactivateRemoteValidation : function () {
            this.isValid = this.originalIsValid;
            this.validate = this.originalValidate;
            delete this.originalIsValid;
            delete this.originalValidate;
    When I invoke activateRemoteValidation first time, this.isValid = this.rv_isValid and this.originalIsValid = [extjs native].isValid
    When I invoke activateRemoteValidation second time, this.isValid = this.rv_isValid but this.originalIsValid = this.rv_isValid, if I invoke deactivateRemoteValidation then this.isValid will be reset to this.rv_isValid.

    So I think you need add a privite property isActiveRemoteValidation, when we invoke activateRemoteValidation if isActiveRemoteValidation=true then return, and you also can give us a public function isRemoteValidationActive() let us know remote validation activate state.

    Hope you can understand what I say. If you fixed in svn, I hope you can give me a solution for Ext.Net2.3 before your next release, your release cycle is too long, thanks.
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    I don't quite understand the reason to call activation few times. Can you provide a scenario when it can be useful?

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