[CLOSED] CellEditing Listeners and Column Renders

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    [CLOSED] CellEditing Listeners and Column Renders

    I have column renderers that are changing the style based on the IsActive field. The IsActive field is calculated based on the DateActivated and DateInactivated fields.

    I believe my issue is that when the DateActivated or DateInactivated fields are edited I recalculate the IsActive field, but the renderers have already fired before I can change the IsActive field. If that is true that the renderers for a column fire before the Edit listener on the cell I have an problem. I need the renderers to fire after I change the IsActive field manually.

    1) I would guess the most efficent approach would be to refire the column renderers if the IsActive field is changed during the Edit listener. Is this possible?

       <script type="text/javascript">
          var template = 'color:{0};';
          function styleColor(value, meta) {
             var testField = meta.record.data["IsActive"];
             meta.style = Ext.String.format(template, testField ? "green" " black");
             return value;
          function dateWithStyleColor(value, meta) {
             return Ext.Date.format(styleColor(value, meta), 'Y-m-d');
          function cellEdit (editor, e) {
             if (e.field == "DateActivated"  || e.field == "DateInactivated") {
                e.record.data.IsActive = (e.record.data.DateActivated !== null && e.record.data.DateActivated <= new Date()) &&
                                                    (e.record.data.DateInactivated == null || e.record.data.DateInactivated > new Date());
       <ext:Column runat="server" Text="Name" DataIndex="BaseNm">
          <Renderer Fn="styleColor" />
             <ext:TextField runat="server" MaxLength="25" EnforceMaxLength="true" AllowBlank="false" />
       <ext:Column runat="server" Text="Activated" DataIndex="DateActivated">
          <Renderer Fn="dateWithStyleColor" />
             <ext:DateField runat="server" Format="Y-MM-dd" />
       <ext:Column runat="server" Text="Inactivated" DataIndex="DateInactivated">
          <Renderer Fn="dateWithStyleColor" />
             <ext:DateField runat="server" Format="Y-MM-dd" />
       <ext:Column runat="server" Text="IsActive" DataIndex="IsActive" Hidden="true" Hideable="false" />
          <ext:CellEditing runat="server">
                <Edit Fn="cellEdit" />
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    Obviously an alternate way is to recalculate the IsActive value on every render. I have that working, but is it really the most efficent?
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    After reading through the Sencha documents I deceided to use the validateEdit listener function to set the isActive value. I am always return true from the validateEdit listener.

    validateedit( editor, e, eOpts )
    Fires after a cell is edited, but before the value is set in the record. Return false from event handler to cancel the change.
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    Yes, 'edit' event fires after a row refresh, while 'validateEdit' fires before.

    However, if you use record's set method it should refresh automatically: http://docs.sencha.com/extjs/4.1.3/#...del-method-set

    Also, you always can refresh automatically using refreshNode method: http://docs.sencha.com/extjs/4.1.3/#...od-refreshNode
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    Please close the thread.

    I have decided to use the 'validateEdit' listener instead of the 'edit' listener to calculate the IsActive modelField from the two other modelFields (DateActivated & DateInactivated). Thus everything is correctly defined before the row is refreshed (rerendered).

    Thank you for the additional method references. I was setting the IsActive data directly e.record.data.IsActive = value. I have switched to e.record.set('IsActive', value).

    Works perfectly.

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