[CLOSED] Search Records From Database

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    [CLOSED] Search Records From Database

    I am trying to search record from the database in this manner that, We have a table "Item" in the database, if user wants to search the record of any item then user can search the item from two or more fields.
    We have a drop down of "Item Category" and second field is "Item" in "North Portion". The criteria of search is, when user select "Item Category" and press submit it fetches all the record from the database on the basis of "Item Category" and show in the grid panel at center portion, if user only chooses the "Item" Text field and write the complete or partial name of the Item then all the record should be fetch from the database on the basis of Item text field. Third criteria is that If user wants to choose both option means "Item Category and Item Name" then the record will search through both options.

    Kindly help me in resolving this issue.
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    Hi @hidaextnet,

    Listen to a respective event of a search field. If it is a ComboBox's you could listen for its Select event.

    On the event you can initiate a request to server (DirectEvent/DirectMethod) and populate a GridPanel's Store with the data retrieved according the filter conditions.
    store.DataSource = filteredData;

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