TreePanel Add new nodes direct method

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    TreePanel Add new nodes direct method

    i have a tree panel which does not include a root\ children in the markup.
    <ext:ModelField Name="guid" />
    <ext:Toolbar ID="Toolbar1" runat="server">

    <ext:Button ID="btnNewt" runat="server" Text="New" StandOut="true" Icon="Add">
    <Click OnEvent="btnNew_click" Timeout="100000"></Click>

    <ext:TreeColumn ID="TreeColumn1" runat="server" Flex="1" DataIndex="text" />

    <ext:CommandColumn ID="CommandColumn2" runat="server" Width="40">
    <ext:GridCommand CommandName="Select" Icon="Accept" ToolTip-Text="Select Project" />
    <PrepareToolbar Handler="return;" />

    <Command OnEvent="Project_TreeSelect" Timeout="100000">
    <EventMask ShowMask="true"></EventMask>
    Name="Values" Value="#{TreePanel1};">
    <ext:Parameter Name="Valu" Value="node" />


    on page load i am doing this

    Node root = new Node();
    root.NodeID = "Projects";
    root.Leaf = false;
    root.Expanded = true;
    root.Icon = Icon.ChartOrganisation;

    foreach (var a in Projects)
    Node n = new Node();
    n.Text = a.ProjectName;
    n.CustomAttributes.Add(new ConfigItem { Name = "guid", Value = a.ProjectId.ToString() });
    n.Leaf = true;
    n.Icon = Icon.Package;


    this works on page load , but if i call the same method again ( after some addition \ removal from the tree nodes ) the refresh does not happen . what am i doing wrong here ?

    help is appreciated

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    Please, don't forget to wrap your code in CODE tag. Read paragraph 3 here:

    About your problem, I guess this example can be helpful:
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    Hi Baidaly,

    Thanks for the reply .
    "Please, don't forget to wrap your code in CODE tag" :not sure why would you want me to wrap my code inside 'CODE' i was writing everything server side...well atleast till now .

    but yes ,the example helps.
    Thanks .Kindly close the Thread

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