[CLOSED] after upload the picture , then add picture to the htmleditor, but not work

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    [CLOSED] after upload the picture , then add picture to the htmleditor, but not work

    <ext:FileUploadField runat="server" LabelWidth="65" Margin="4" FieldLabel="上传图片" AnchorHorizontal="100%" ButtonText="浏览" ID="fuf">
                                    <Change OnEvent="ClickedUpload"></Change>
                            <ext:HtmlEditor runat="server" ID="he_cont" AnchorVertical="-90" AnchorHorizontal="100%">
     protected void ClickedUpload(object o, DirectEventArgs e)
                if (this.fuf.HasFile)
                    var fname = this.fuf.PostedFile.FileName;
                    var flength = this.fuf.PostedFile.ContentLength;
                    Random ran = new Random();
                    string sNewName = DateTime.Now.ToString(@"yyyy-MM-dd-HH-mm-ss") + ran.Next(100, 999)
                                      + Path.GetExtension(this.fuf.PostedFile.FileName);
                    string strPath = HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath("/Uploads/" + System.DateTime.Now.Year.ToString() + "/" + sNewName);
                    string path_moth = HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath("/Uploads/" + System.DateTime.Now.Year.ToString());
                    if (!Directory.Exists(path_moth))
                    he_cont.Text += "<img src='+"+strPath+"'/>";  // here i add image tag to the htmleditor,
                    he_cont.Render();//then rerender or render it , but the picture dose not show.
                    X.Msg.Alert("消息", "上传成功").Show();
                    X.Msg.Alert("消息", "上传失败").Show();
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    In DirectEvents you should use SetValue method instead of properties:

    he_cont.SetValue("<img src='https://examples2.ext.net/resources/css/../images/ext.net-logo.png' />");
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    Hi @hdsoso,

    Also it looks inappropriate to use a Server.MapPath() result as an image's src, because the MapPath method returns a physical path, but the src attribute expects an URL.

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