I just wanted to say that, without a doubt, I have never had support as great as I have had with the ext.net team after becoming a Premium Member.

I realize how significant an accomplishment it has been been to build a comprehensive toolkit as robust as Ext.Net off a massive client-side library as extjs which still has many bugs to work through after multiple generations . There are so many angles and subtleties this toolkit is able to support out of the box and the limits are nothing short of endless if one wishes to extend.

You guys have been worth every dollar and once our development team grows from one to many, I plan to buy every member a license.

I hope that others see this bid of confidence when considering their choice to buy a developer bundle. You will not be disappointed with support.

I have wanted to find the time to say this to you guys for awhile now. Thank you guys so much! Without you, I probably would have another year to wait before I could launch. I am finally close.