grid panel does not clear the records

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    grid panel does not clear the records


    I have two grid panel. The first is filled with records from the database. The second is populated when I select a record in the first. I select the button to clear all that runs on the server and the first grid clean records but not the second. The first is a grid buffer

    I'm trying to clear the records of the grid as follows:

    List <object> <object> list = new List ();

    gridOne.GetStore (). DataSource = list;
    gridOne.GetStore (). DataBind ();

    gridTwo.GetStore (). DataSource = list;
    gridTwo.GetStore (). DataBind ();
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    is there a reason why you are not using

    gridTwo.GetStore().RemoveAll() ?
    alternativelly I think the best is to check what js is generated on respective request after databinding empty list
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    I tried this but it did not work. I solved the problem by taking the buffer grid. This must be a bug in ext net

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