[CLOSED] date rendering in grid panel

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    [CLOSED] date rendering in grid panel

    Hi all,

    I am having a problem with the grid panel, when I use a date column some of the dates are not being rendered correctly.
    I have built a little demo that demonstrates the problem. What happens is the records are simply blank, and it appears to only happen when the day part of the date is <= 9. I need to use the DateColumn and not just a standard column because I am using client side filtering and it doesn't work properly without using a DateColumn. It also doesn't seem to matter what format I use for the date values e.g. Y/m/d or d/m/y etc

    It may this is a bug, but more likely I am just doing something wrong :) I am using C# and MVC, and using Ext 4.0, Ext.Net 2.2

    here is the controller code

    public class HomeController : Controller
            public ActionResult StoreData()
                return Content(@"
                        ""contractedShipDate"": null
                        ""contractedShipDate"": ""2007-02-22""
                        ""contractedShipDate"": ""2013-03-13""
                        ""contractedShipDate"": ""2012-12-18""
                        ""contractedShipDate"": ""2010-11-03""
                        ""contractedShipDate"": ""2012-12-09""
    and here is the view

        .Store(store => store.Add(Html.X().Store()
            .Proxy(proxy => proxy.Add(Html.X().AjaxProxy()
            .Model(mdl => mdl.Add(Html.X().Model()
                            .Fields(fields => fields.Add(Html.X().ModelField()
        .ColumnModel(col => col.Columns.Add(Html.X().DateColumn()
    If anyone has any idea's I would greatly appreciate your feedback.

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    Hi Eddie,

    Please use:
    It expects a .NET date format string.
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    Daniil, thanks for your reply. That was the problem and it's working perfectly now, thanks a lot :)

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