[CLOSED] More frequent minor releases of Ext.Net

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    [CLOSED] More frequent minor releases of Ext.Net


    Would it be possible to provide minor releases of Ext.Net more frequently, and when I say minor release, I mean, for instance, 2.2.0, 2.2.1, 2.2.2 and so on?

    I know the Ext.Net releases use public versions of ExtJs. But you seem to fix a lot of stuff in svn and it would be nice to make the fixes available in minor versions of Ext.Net sooner rather than later. The last official release available on the website is from April 18! I usually stick with the official release. I know I can build the app from the source code, but I would rather rely on your knowledge of the project and the changes that were made, rather than building the code myself from the trunk. You would know best when it's time to do a minor release.

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    I cannot agree with this more. I am, and more importantly my users/bosses are, always leery of non-official releases and having a periodic "official" rollup update would be really helpful.
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    Ext.NET 2.3.0 is going to be release right away. Beyond that, it's difficult to announce official release dates because we're somewhat tied to official Ext JS releases.
    Geoffrey McGill
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    I am talking about releases between the ExtJs releases.

    The Ext.Net team is very responsive and lots of issues are fixed, so it would be nice, from time to time, more often than it's done now, between the Ext Js releases, to release minor Ext.Net versions that contain bug fixes. I understand perfectly the issues that arise from depending on Ext Js, but still, if it is possible , it would be nice to have Ext.Net minor "maintenance" releases.

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    Here is a related discussion.
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    This request would make the opportunity to increase usage of CDN to be greater.
    It might help get more developers on board because they can install the latest working versions which improves confidence of stability.
    I imagine it takes a lot of work to finalize releases and make them available on NuGet.
    More versions require more CDN storage.
    More releases "might" discourage conversion to premium licenses if updates and fixes are more rapidly available.

    I'm sure there's a compromise or happy medium in here somewhere.
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    Yes, there should be happy medium.

    I am closing the thread, but we will bear it in mind.
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    Now we will try to release each quarter at least.

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