[Q]: Howto get icon class from tree node (clientside)?

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    [Q]: Howto get icon class from tree node (clientside)?


    I am messing around a little bit finetuning everything
    I have a minor problem as I'd like to have the same icon in the newly created tab as I have in the treenode the user clicked (to create/activate the tab)

    Something like this:
    treenode | tabpanel
    A        | AA |
        AA   |-----------------------
        AB   |
    Howto get icon from AA node to AA tab?

    Clientside javascript to create tabs called from the TreePanel.Listeners.Click.Handler:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    var loadPage = function(tabPanel, node) {
        var tab = tabPanel.getItem(node.id);
        if (!tab) {
            tab = tabPanel.add({
                id: node.id,
                title: node.text,
                closable: true, 
                iconCls: 'icon-table',
                autoLoad: {
                    showMask: true,
                    url: node.attributes.href,
                    mode: 'iframe',
                    maskMsg: 'Indl&amp;aelig;ser ' + node.text + '...'
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    RE: [Q]: Howto get icon class from tree node (clientside)?


    try to get node icon and set it to tab iconCls


    Vladimir Shcheglov
    Sr. Developer
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    RE: [Q]: Howto get icon class from tree node (clientside)?

    Ahh excellent, works like a charm :)

    Anywhere I can found doucmentation to get an overview of the clientside/javascript classes?
    I tried to run the clientside debugger to find the correct property but didn't have much luck

    I have access to the ExtJS 2.2 API documentation but I have no explanation on the attributes object

    Thanks in advance

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