[CLOSED] [MVC] Use Devexpress component inside Ext.Net

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    [CLOSED] [MVC] Use Devexpress component inside Ext.Net

    Hi guys,

    I have the last version of ext.net MVC and the last version of devExpress MVC.

    I want add devexpress component in devexpress but currently, the devexpress component is add on top of ext

    @Html.X().ResourceManager(ViewBag.ManagerConfig as MvcResourceManagerConfig)
                            settings =>
                                settings.Name = string.Format("Combo");
                                settings.Width = 400;
                                settings.Properties.IncrementalFilteringMode = DevExpress.Web.ASPxEditors.IncrementalFilteringMode.Contains;
                                settings.Properties.DropDownStyle = DevExpress.Web.ASPxEditors.DropDownStyle.DropDownList;
                                settings.Properties.ValueType = typeof(int);
                                settings.Properties.TextField = "Name";
                                settings.Properties.ValueField = "Id";
    I try also ItemFromPartial but the result is the same.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hi @Tactem,

    Could you post what the .ToHtmlString() call does return?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tactem View Post
    I try also ItemFromPartial but the result is the same.
    The ItemsFromPartial thing expects Ext.NET components within a partial view. You can try with ContentFromPartial.
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    Try this
    Vladimir Shcheglov
    Sr. Developer
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    Thank you Danniil, it's work with content partial.

    @vladimir : your solution doesn't work


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