[CLOSED] Disable Editor grid row

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    [CLOSED] Disable Editor grid row

    I have a grid similar to:

    How can I disable editting of a row based on a value in the store? It would also need to be greyed out.

    I've seen other solutions on the forum which included hiding the row (this row needs to remain visible) or disabling selection (which doesn't work since users are not selecting the row, they are changing cell values) or the edit is canceled (which does not work here since the edit boxes are already showing).

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    You should use BeforeBind event:

        .Listeners(l => l.BeforeBind.Handler = "if (e.record.get('IntField')%2) e.config[0].disabled = true")
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    e.config[0].disabled = true
    Disable the entire row or do I need to do this for each column?
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    It applies on a current ComponentColumn only, which a BeforeBind listener is defined to.

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