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    I have a gridpanel with pagingtoolbar and grouping in the store put pagesize = 50, the problem is that there are groups that have more than 50 records, for example 140 records.

    Shown at 50 in the first page records, 50 records shown in the second page, and 40 records shown in the third page, so:
    group 1 ----- 50 regs page 1
    group 1 ------50 regs page 2
    group 1 ------ 40 regs page 3

    how i add total records pertaining to group?


    Group1 ----- 50 of 140 regs page 1
    group2 140 ----- 100 of 140 regs page 2
    group 3 140 ------ 140 of 140 regs page 3

    you can do that??

    I had to put the paging data because many are loaded in the grid to be faster, or any other suggestion thanks
    thank you
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    Hi @JCarlosF,

    There is no a built-in option to organize paging per group. It should be possible, but might be quite complicated even for a very experienced Ext.NET/ExtJS developer. At least, will require some time.

    I had to put the paging data because many are loaded in the grid to be faster
    You could try a BufferedRenderer plugin instead of a PagingToolbar if it suites your needs.

    An alternative solution could organizing your custom paging (without a PagingToolbar). Two buttons: Prev and Next. Accordingly, bind a group data to the Store from a server.
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    A new GroupPaging plugin for PagingToolbar has been added to SVN, revision #5336. Please review, maybe it suites your needs.

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