[CLOSED] Formpanel - set isDirty() to false onload of page

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    [CLOSED] Formpanel - set isDirty() to false onload of page

    In my cshtml page, i have a formpanel.
    This formpanel has lots of controls within it.
    On Ext.onReady() i set values to some of the controls, so for the formpanel FieldChange event is getting triggered.
    Now on a buttons click (even when user has not changed any field value) i check for formpanel isDirty(). it always returns true.
    As a thought is it possible to set isDirty of the form to false after setting control values in Ext.onReady event.
    So as to trap user made change again through isDirty().
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    Hi @PriceRightHTML5team,

    I think it could be enough to set up TrackResetOnLoad="true" for a FormPanel in your scenario.
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    Hi Daniil,
    I Applied to the form
    but still
    is always true (even when user has not made any changes to the form controls).

    Following is my script in Ext.onReady event.

            App.cntrlnm.hide();    // Hide Alternate Accordian
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    I thought you use a form's setValues method.

    For you case, you should make a field not dirty.
    App.Cmbxyz.originalValue = App.Cmbxyz.getValue(); // to reset its dirty
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    Hi Daniil,
    I checked the value of isDirty() at very begining of Ext.onRead() i.e. before setting/updating control values to through script, it is true

            App.Frmnm.getForm().isDirty();    // shows true
            App.CmbboxoriginalValue = App.Cmbbox.getValue();
    I guess it should have been false
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    Please provide a test case.

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