MVC FileUploadField Issue

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    MVC FileUploadField Issue


    If I am using FileUploadField, then I am unable to get the value of TextArea txtMessage at code behind, however, I am successfully able to set the text of txtMessage from code-behind.

    If I remove all the FileUploadField from the form, then it just work fine.

    Also, I would like to know why can't we read value of any control from a different FormPanel(). If we have two formpanel() then we cannot read value of first formpanel() textbox from the button.directeventaction of second formpanel().

    Please help with both of the queries.

    Below is the code for the first query.

    X.FormPanel().ID("PanelThread").Region(Region.Center).Title("Message Thread").Icon(Icon.TableGo).Collapsible(false).AutoScroll(true).BodyPadding(5).Frame(true).LayoutConfig(new TableLayoutConfig() { Columns = 2}).Items(           
                    X.FileUploadField().ID("Fup1").Icon(Icon.PageAttach).Width(220).EmptyText("Select a file"),
                    X.FileUploadField().ID("Fup2").Icon(Icon.PageAttach).Width(220).EmptyText("Select a file"),
                    X.FileUploadField().ID("Fup3").Icon(Icon.PageAttach).Width(220).EmptyText("Select a file"),
                    X.FileUploadField().ID("Fup4").Icon(Icon.PageAttach).Width(220).EmptyText("Select a file"),
                        X.Button().ID("btnPostMessage").Icon(Icon.TableEdit).Text("Post Message").DirectClickAction("PostMessageClicked"),                    
                        X.Checkbox().ID("chkPriceQuote").FieldLabel("Price Quote")

            public ActionResult PostMessageClicked()
                TextArea txtMessage = this.GetCmp<TextArea>("txtMessage");
                string Message = txtMessage.Text;
                txtMessage.Text = "Hell Lots of trouble";
                Notification.Show(new NotificationConfig
                    Title = "Error",
                    Icon = Icon.Accept,
                    Html = Message,
                    AutoHide = false,
                    CloseVisible = true,
                    Closable = true,
                    Width = 500,
                    Height = 500
                return this.Direct();
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    No one able to resolve ?

    It seems no one able to resolve it. :(

    I solved the value part, now having trouble with the FileUploadField only
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