Ext.Net 2 version numbers

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    Ext.Net 2 version numbers


    On a regular basis or when required I donwload a new version of Ext.net via SVN.
    Sometimes I find that the version number is lower than the previous version. It is a bit confusing, but I assume that the last version I downloaded is really the latest version, despite its lower number.
    It is not a big issue, but may be you did not know about this.
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    Or is the last part of the version number set in my own Visual Studio?
    I am not always downloading on the same computer (PC and laptop).

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    Hi Hans,

    Thank you for reporting that.

    However, we know about that. And agree, it might be confusing, but we use it as a cache buster for JavaScript and CSS resources.

    The minor version is generated by Visual Studio and it depends on the time when the actual build happens. Here are some details.
    Version numbers in a compiled assembly
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    Thanks Daniil,

    It's all clear now.


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