[CLOSED] MultiSelect with Checkbox Items

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    This returns a stream for me:
    for the same webResource.

    The images are included to the assembly, they both are marked as Embedded Resource.

    It works for me.

    Is there a possibility to reproduce it online?
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    Okay, so verified, resource/images multiselect is not part of the project file.

    I added the existing items to the project in Ext.Net\Build\Ext.Net\ux\resources\images\multisel ect and set them to embedded resources and problem was resolved. I'd post the the update but you have no policy for user contribution so you'll have to do it on your side.
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    Sometimes I'm not sure the Turtle merge always works. I verified with compare and the project did not contain the files.
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    I would insist the Ext.NET project does contain those images:)

    Here is Ext.NET.csproj.

    <EmbeddedResource Include="Build\Ext.Net\ux\resources\images\multiselect\checked.gif" />
    <EmbeddedResource Include="Build\Ext.Net\ux\resources\images\multiselect\unchecked.gif" />
    I suspect your Ext.Net.csproj is somehow out-of-sync.
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    Wouldn't be the first time. I'll try a fresh restart in the morn and let you know. I'm at the last of my ext.net issues. On last restart and test and we're go.
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    I deleted everything and did a fresh checkout of Ext.net. Seemed to address the issue. Strange.
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